Families In Transition: Information For Attorneys

Why Use Touchstone’s Families In Transition Program?

The stress of divorce often results in clients who are unable to focus their attention or find the services they need to effectively manage their case. This turmoil can carry into your office and impede your ability to help them.

One-source partnering with Touchstone’s Families In Transition Program is a proven means to increase your effectiveness and peace of mind while adding value to your business, providing you with the ability to:

  • Make only one referral for the entire family
  • Have a single point of contact for multiple services
  • Avoid the delays that occur when dealing with/contacting multiple providers
  • Have all family services in one location
  • Deliver a higher level of service via FIT’s team approach

For more information on how FIT can help you help your client, contact:  925-817-1815

Services Include: 

mum and son reading
Courtroom Support
Court and Mediation Coaching

Counseling Programs
Family Restructuring
Family Reunification
Individual Counseling

Assessment Services
Parenting Needs Assessments
Supervised Wrap-Around Visitations

Groups and Classes
Co-Parenting Classes
Single Parenting Groups
16-52 Week Groups
Anger Management Groups


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