Therapy Groups

Therapy groups are an affordable way to express emotion, find solutions, discover insight, and learn about yourself while improving your social skills.

The following groups are currently running at Touchstone:

PTSD Groups

An expressive arts recovery group for people with PTSD

Join our small weekly therapy group and reconnect with who you really are and what you really want.  Through sharing, education and healing art and drama experiences you can begin to transform that PTSD prison into a sanctuary of healing and empowerment.
The focus of this group will not be on sharing details of your trauma but on playful exploration that will help you take back the power you have given to PTSD.

Want more energy, choices and joy in your life? Join us for some Deep Fun Discovery!

Every Sunday 10:30 a.m. to 12:00  $25 per session
at Touchstone Counseling in Pleasant Hill
Facilitated by Joan Bechtel, MFT  intern IMF 74034
Supervised by Marsha Rusby, MFT, Lic MFC 39234
Call Joan for interview at 925-932-0150 x 307


Holiday Blues Workshops

Holidays… Celebration or Aggravation?

The media hypes family togetherness, sentimentality and gratitude.But the holidays also stir up anger, resentment, guilt and loss. We may feel overwhelmed by what could have should have–been. But the feelings these holidays bring to the surface deserve our attention. There is treasure in these buried losses and suppressed yearnings.
Join our small half-day workshops and  discover what your holiday blues may be trying to tell you.

  • Father’s Day Blues
  • Winter Holiday Blues – December 13 and 20, 2014   1-4
  • Valentine’s Day Blues  – February 7, 2015  1-4
  • Mother’s Day Blues  – May 9, 2015 1-4
  • Birthday Blues (monthly 1st Sunday of the month at 3PM)

Facilitated by Joan Bechtel, MFT  intern IMF 74034
Supervised by Marsha Rusby, MFT, Lic MFC 39234
Contact Joan at (925) 932-0150 x 307 for more information

We frequently add new groups and classes, so please call if you don’t see what you’re looking for here.

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