Families in Transition Program

Our mission and purpose is to help changing families forge successful new lives.


Divorce Solutions for Families

After divorce, parents face the challenge of building a new structure for their family. This task can be daunting for the best of parents. Adapting to both being single and to co-parenting with a new “ex,” while guiding one’s children through the adjustment process can be tough. An active program involving professionals who work alongside the family can help!

At Touchstone, we realize that every family’s journey through a parental separation is unique. We support parents in making a positive family transition with programs that include coaching and counseling, groups and classes, and courtroom support.

Our Approach

Our child-centered approach means that we focus on putting the child’s needs first. We believe each child deserves the best of both parents. Our goal is for each child to reap the rewards of having the best possible family, even when the parents are living apart.

Our strength-based approach promotes all family members discovering and developing their unique personal strengths. Each child and parent is taught how to contribute their gifts to the best possible family life.

Our family approach means that we work with the family as a single unit. This avoids the lengthy time and cost of working with members individually.

Our teaching approach coaches parents in new action strategies that are consistent with their parenting goals.


Our Staff

FIT only employs experienced licensed Marriage and Family Therapists (MFT) and registered Interns. Our personnel receive ongoing training, supervision, and consultation in order to provide every family with the highest standards of care.


Our fees are reasonable, and our coordinated services reduce the need for expensive court costs. We offer a sliding scale and payment plans for those without insurance coverage. Please see our Fees and Payment Options page for more information.


We provide a safe entrance and exit protocol for families who have experienced violence.

The FIT Program

The Families In Transition (FIT) Program incorporates many services to help families during transitions. Browse the pages below for more details.

Services include

  • Family Restructuring
  • Family Reunification
  • Co-parenting
  • Individual Counseling
  • Mediation
  • Coaching
  • Parenting Needs Assessments
  • Wrap-Arounds
  • Co-Parenting Classes
  • Single Parenting Groups
  • 16-52 Week Groups
  • Anger Management Groups