FIT: Assessment Programs

Parenting Needs Assessment (PNA)

The goal of a Parenting Needs Assessment is to help resolve the concerns of parents who believe that their ex is a neglectful or dangerous parent. A PNA evaluates the parent’s skills. Specific problems are identified and a program is created that is tailored to the unique needs of that parent. Follow-up testing measures the parent’s ability to safely parent their children. PNAs occur over three-eight sessions and include home visits.

Supervised Wrap-Around Assessment For Visitation

The goal is to create a safe bridge between supervised and non-supervised visitation. Parent and child meet with a therapist for a half hour to plan the outing and talk about standards of conduct. Parent and child then have their visit, which can last from one to six hours. They then return to the therapist for a follow-up interview. After meeting with both parent and child, the visiting parent leaves and the therapist talks with the child alone. The child is helped to feel comfortable talking about the visit and is observed for bruises, hygiene, mood, neglect, “keeping secrets,” and other signs of abuse.

This process is helpful to the entire family because:

  • The custodial parent gains the confidence of knowing that the visiting parent is being closely monitored by a trained professional.
  • The child is protected through two evaluations at each visit.
  • The visiting parent is kept safe from the custodial parent making new accusations hours or days after the visit.
  • Wrap-arounds also teach parents how to be attuned to the child’s needs and create visits that the child looks forward to.
  • Wrap-arounds offer a step-by-step means of being able to spend more time with one’s child and be more involved with their life.

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