FIT: Counseling Programs

Family Restructuring Counseling

The goal of Family Restructuring is to create lasting positive change within the family. The entire family participates so that everyone can be heard and help to create the new family structure. There are four key points to Family Restructuring Counseling that make this process rapid, convenient, and effective:

We understand that families do not end with divorce. We view both parents as remaining part of an expanded legal and social system that is in the process of change. This view contrasts with standard treatment that sees families and parents as being cut off from both one another and the larger context.

We focus on the family as a single unit, even after separation. While we also work with individuals, research shows that family therapy gets results and costs less when compared to the multiple fees and time spent in individual counseling.

We believe that it is vital that both separated parents participate. Children thrive when parents learn to shift their past attitudes towards a team approach that reflects their love for their children.

We target action and change. We target change that supports healthy families. This differs from simply talking about problems and feelings. In addition, Restructuring is typically short-term (brief) therapy.

Reunification Counseling

The goal of Reunification Counseling is to mend damage to the parent-child bond. The therapist meets with the child and parent, and coaches the parent in how to lead the repair process. The child’s emotional comfort is protected as she is gently tutored to express her feelings and needs to the parent in a supportive setting. Parents with restraining orders or who have neglected, endangered, or frightened their child are welcomed.

Co-Parenting Counseling

The goal of Co-Parenting Counseling is to address the anxiety and anger that stop parents from acting as a team in raising their children. Parents learn and practice skills that reduce conflict as they begin to problem-solve. Topics include accountability, setting limits, showing respect, giving up control and revenge, and other concerns that arise during the separation process and beyond.

Individual Counseling

The goal of Individual Counseling is to change one’s behavior in order to promote healthier family relationships.

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