FIT: Groups & Classes

Co-Parenting Class

The goals are to master the skills and attitudes needed to cooperate with the other parent. The class addresses the parental anxiety and anger that limits parents’ teamwork in raising their children. Parents learn and practice skills that reduce conflict and solve new or ongoing problems within the family. Topics include accountability, setting limits, showing respect, giving up control and revenge, and other concerns that arise during the separation process and beyond. Parents also benefit from the support and empathy of many other parents.

Singles Parenting Class

The goal is to help parents be better prepared for solo parenting. Parents also gain support from connecting with other singles in a relaxed setting. Each class deals with weekly problems and teaches how to balance household tasks with one’s career and parenting. Topics include stress management, setting limits, self-care, how to talk with children about the ex, and more.

16-52 Week Parenting Class

This class meets or exceeds the educational standards set forth in PC 1201.73 and the Welfare and Institutions Code 16507.7. The course includes units on the impact of domestic violence on children, the impact of substance abuse on the family, anger management, non-violent discipline and communication, developmental needs of children from birth to age 18, protecting kids from predators, ADHD, nutrition, money management, and more.

Anger Management Groups

The goal is to teach self-management skills. Students learn to better manage the stressors that result from a divorce and to remain calm and focused while under pressure.

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