Jesus I. Ramirez, MD, MSW

Registered Associate Clinical Social Worker

The mental health field is on the verge of a revolution. Research from top universities shows psychotherapy with psychedelic drugs is highly effective. The term “psychedelic” literally means “mind manifesting.” These drugs allow people to explore parts of themselves hidden from conscious awareness, helping therapy work more quickly and more effectively. Several psychedelics are now being developed for FDA approval, but today ketamine is the only legally available medicine with psychedelic effects.

I earned two Ivy-League degrees and worked as a trauma and burn surgeon for 15 years, helping people heal from physical injury. I used ketamine as an anesthetic and learned it can also help people heal from psychological injury. Traumatic experiences cause pain, yet they can also be channeled for personal growth. This realization lured me to join the psychedelic revolution. I obtained a master’s in social work and learned to
practice psychedelic-assisted therapy.

Ketamine-assisted therapy has been shown effective in treating depression, particularly in people who have not had success with traditional anti-depressants and in people with developmental trauma. It has also been shown effective in reducing anxiety and in reducing craving for drugs and alcohol.

Today you can participate in the psychedelic revolution through Touchstone Counseling Services. Make an appointment to learn about this emerging treatment and decide whether it is right for you.

Harvard College – bachelor’s in biology
Perelman School of Medicine at UPenn – doctor of medicine
CSU Sacramento – master’s in social work
Psychedelic therapy training certification:
Polaris Insight Center – ketamine-assisted psychotherapy
PRATI – ketamine-assisted psychotherapy
MAPS– MDMA-assisted psychotherapy

Clinical Areas of Focus

Depression, trauma and PTSD, loss and grief, adolescents, self-injury (cutting)

Registered Associate Clinical Social Worker

Registered Associate Clinical Social Worker


Supervised by Mike Carolla

MFT 35316