Valerie Novak, LMFT

Counseling is about personal change, and it involves changing our current, predictable comfort zones. In teaming with a client, Valerie’s focus is toward understanding current challenges, clarifying values, and creating achievable goals. This empowerment for change is through a systems-based, collaborative approach.

People try their best to manage problems and do so the best they know how—yet their solutions for current situations can be limited by previously learned patterns of behavior. These limiting patterns of behavior can cause friction to the point of creating a loop of destructive and escalating reactivity. By taking a look at learned patterns of behavior, gaining insight into why these patterns are interfering with goals and dreams, Valerie helps people change to attain what they want, need, and wish for in a healing connection in their relationships.

Facilitator, Touchstone Child Abuse Prevention Parenting Class

Clinical Areas of Focus
Life Transitions, Caregiver Concerns, Loss and Grief, Depression, Anxiety, Child and family therapy, Family Court, School issues, Relationship Struggles, Spirituality

Insurance Accepted
CalWorks, Contra Costa Health Plan (Employees)


Marriage and Family Therapist

Marriage and Family Therapist


925-932-0150 ext. 301